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Since the early 2000s, saxophonist and composer Geof Bradfield has been an integral part of the ever-fertile Chicago jazz scene, bringing his substantial talents to music that easily bridges the divide between the traditional and the avant-garde. His records have explored a remarkable range of styles and themes: from African Flowers (Origin Records, 2010), which traced the intersections between African folk forms and American jazz, to Melba! (Origin Records, 2013), Bradfield’s tribute to trombonist/arranger Melba Liston, to Our Roots (Origin Records, 2015), a rollicking revisiting of the music of Leadbelly, Bradfield has shown his willingness to take inspiration from anywhere. Yes and…Music for Nine Improvisers may be his most ambitious yet. It is an eight-part suite with a larger ensemble, which allows for a wide range of harmonic and timbral possibilities, as well as more open-ended improvisational strategies.

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