Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly

Drummer/Composer/Producer/Vocalist Jonathan Barber has self-released and splash-landed Vision Ahead, the kind of genre-splicing debut that stands out immaculately on its own. Inspired by the 2016 tragic death of his brother, Barber got it together in his grief to look forward. His septet spirals upward in an escalating roller coaster of post-bop, funk and soul to the point where one doesn’t even realize where one genre ends and the other begins. The 12 tracks flow into each other with gorgeous abandon. From the 8:01 “Gone Away” and 8:06 “Doubt” to the 7:45 title-track and 7:49 “Mr. JB,” piano, Fender Rhodes, synth, guitar, alto sax, bass, drums and two super-fine female vocalists coalesce in achieving a stunning synthesis of jams that will make your head spin.

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