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Bassist and composer Adi Meyerson is certainly a familiar face on the New York jazz scene, one who leads her own band with relative frequency. As she celebrates her first album as a leader, Where We Stand, Adi comments “I don’t think there’s a time where I felt fully 100% ready to put out my music; there’s always a little bit of self-doubt that creeps in. With that being said, I did come to a point where I’ve been performing with more or less the same band for two years and playing some of the music enough to feel confident that we have created something worth sharing.”

Adi also lets us in on her perspective as a composer, saying, “This may sound strange, but with some of these tunes I have reached a point where I just treat them as tunes and not give them that much weight just because I wrote them. I look at them like playing standards or someone else’s music and approach the situation by trying to be as musical and creative as possible, without all that pressure of it being ‘mine.’”

Bassist Adi Meyerson plays brunch at Jazz Standard on July 1 in celebration of her debut album Where We Stand with Freddie Hendrix trumpet; Camille Thurman, saxophone; Mike King, piano and Kush Abadey on drums.

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