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Guitarist Flavio Silva follows his self-titled 2013 release with the premiere of the title track from his latest recording Break Free along with an outstanding rendition of the Chico Buarque classic “Samba e Amor.” Released back in June 1, the eight-track album features seven original compositions from Silva himself alongside the aforementioned Buarque cover. Silva’s newest release also showcases a stellar-cast as the guitarist is joined pianist James Francies, vocalist Michael Mayo, bassist Alex “Apolo” Ayala, and Curtis Nowosad behind the kit.

Saxophonist Seamus Blake can also be heard on Break Free as he lends his signature sound. The veteran saxophonist can be heard carrying the melody beautifully on “Samba e Amor” while Silva tastefully provides harmonic and rhythmic support from his guitar before adding his own beautifully crafted solo towards the latter part of the song.

While the performance on the cover is certainly highlight within the project, the title track “Break Free” also clocks in as a standout. Showcasing the full sound of the sextet, “Break Free” exudes more of a modern jazz groove. With the entire band going for broke, “Break Free” is an energetic up-tempo tune that reflects what Silva believes the world needs more of. “This is my song of hope and love to the times we live in right now,” shares the bandleader in an email with Revive.

Stream “Break Free” here and “Samba e Amor” here. Get more on Flavio Silva via his website flaviosilva.mus.br.


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