George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Most of the jazz world knew that the quiet Presbyterian Minister Fred Rogers was a big jazz fan, sneaking in themes and artists into his iconic and low key classic tv show. This album with Kevin Bales/p, Keri Johnsrud/voc, Billy Thornton/b and Marlon Patton/dr take 11 of his tunes and give them the sound, feel and delivery that they deserve.

Johnsrud’s voice is warm and refreshing, swinging with peppy joy on the kinetic “It’s You I Like” while going pop star open for “I Like To Take My Time.” With bass and drum rumbling along, she’s clear and posed on “I Find a Star”  and dainty on the delightful “You Are Special.” She glistens with wanderlust as Bales contributes rich ivories on “I Like to Be Told” while she glides over his rich current on “Just For Once.” This is a wonderful idea, with only the sweater and trains missing. Look for it, and be my friend!

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