In the past, vocalist Kathy Kosins has delivered albums ranging from 50s vo-cool to modern soul. This time around, she teams with producer Kamau Kenyatta and sounds like she was dropped into a 70s Soultrain session. The team of Mitch Forman/key, Kevin Axt/b, Eric Harland/dr, Gregory Moore/g, Curtis Taylor/tp, Munyungo Jackson/perc and Kenyatta/p deliver a retro R&B feel that has Kosins singing with a vocal Afro.
Vintage wacka wooka and string droplets from Moore’s guitar delver a mellow soul of “Martha” and Don’t Get Me Started,” with Kosins in strong and earthy voice. Spacey bell bottomed keyboards team up on “Voodo” and Kosins’ own “Uncovered Soul” while she sounds a bit Jarreau-ish when going jazzy with Kenyatta on “Can We Pretend.” She has a gospel growl on “Dreamin’/Dramin’s Gonna  Pull Me Through” and gets passionately romantic on the platform shoes-d  “A to B 5:11.” A pair of singles have Kosins in a funkied mood with “Could You Be Me” and the percussive “Seria Voce Com Eu.”  All that’s missing is an intro by Don Cornelius

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