Improvijazzation Nation Reviews Jared Hall’s “Hallways”

November 6, 2017Reviews

Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation Jared’s trumpet is piercing (though not unpleasantly so) on this excellent sextet CD… he’s joined by tenor saxophonist Troy Roberts, pianists Martin Bejerano and Tal Cohen, bassist Josh Allen and drummer Kyle Swan in an exciting all-original jazz set that will be pure pleasure for your aural appendages… of course, since … Read More

Jazz da Gama Reviews Ed Neumeister’s “Wake up Call”

November 5, 2017Reviews

Raul da Gama, Jazz da Gama Anyone who grew up in the shadow of the two Great Wars – especially in Europe – must surely be imprinted with a very sinister and indelible mark (some darker and deeper than others of course), and even for those who, like the composer and trombonist Ed Neumeister, were … Read More

Jazz da Gama Reviews BJ Jansen’s “Common Ground”

November 5, 2017Reviews

Raul da Gama, Jazz da Gama While many people – music aficionados and nice ordinary folk – were looking the other way, the baritone saxophonist B.J. Jansen was busy carving a niche for himself in world inhabited by the likes of Harry Carney, Cecil Payne, Pepper Adams, Ronnie Cuber, Gerry Mulligan and other baritone saxophonists … Read More

Jazz da Gama Reviews Rachel Therrien’s “Why Don’t You Try”

November 5, 2017Reviews

Raul da Gama, Jazz da Gama Rachel Therrien may be young and her repertoire is perhaps just being built, but there is something about this old soul that leads one to believe that she is, in the grand scheme of things ‘trumpet’, engineering a way to exploit the instrument’s full chromatic range. Why Don’t You Try seems … Read More

All About Jazz Features Julie Benko’s “Introducing Julie Benko”

November 1, 2017Features, Reviews

C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz A debut recording, Introducing Julie Benko, brings to ear another polymath, Julie Benko, whose experience boasts acting for stage (Including Broadway) and screen, singing, and composing. She is a bit polyglot, with a certain fluency in Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew, a cultural mixture that lends Cole Porter’s “Love for Sale” … Read More

Textura Reviews Dan Bruce’s “Earthshine”

November 1, 2017Reviews

Ron Schepper, Textura Thematically, the debut album by Dan Bruce’s beta collective is informed by the relationship between order and chaos, and the tension that arises when the two combine. In the Chicago-based guitarist’s own words, Earthshine explores the “significance of entwining deftly composed music with free improvisation, while constantly incorporating expansive and driving grooves.” That turns … Read More

Improvijazzation Nation Features Trio Ciclos’s “Mobiles: Vol.1”, Dan Bruce’s “Earthshine” & Alex Wintz’s “LifeCycle”

November 1, 2017Features, Reviews

Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation Trio Ciclos: Mobiles: Vol. 1 A most interesting improvisational set in from Brazil… release in April, 2017, it features some fantastic acoustic bass by Bruno Migotto; drums & electronics from Alex Buck and piano by Edison Santanna… in fact, it’s some of the most intriguing jazz improvisation I’ve listened to (yet) … Read More

Audiophile Audition Reviews Dave Liebman & Joe Lovano’s “Compassion: The Music of John Coltrane”

November 1, 2017Features, Reviews

Robbie Gerson, Audiophile Audition There are many reasons for the enduring influences of John Coltrane. His short career (mostly 1955-1967) included being part of the first Miles Davis Quintet. His stint as a sideman was brief, mostly with Davis, Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie. But as a band leader Trane soared with highly elaborate compositions and … Read More