Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

On a modern jazz landscape where the music can come off as alien to the sound of jazz in its heyday, this pleasant straight-ahead session from pianist Rob Schneiderman will ring familiar.  It benefits greatly from the contributions of trumpeter Brian Lynch, who increasingly becomes remindful of classic Donald Byrd and his combination of sharp lyricism packaged with an innate soulfulness.  And this whole quintet is locked in sync, trading volleys as effortlessly as they move in concert.  Tenor saxophonist Ralph Moore, bassist Gerald Cannon and drummer Pete Van Nostrand round out that quintet.  This is one of two new releases on Lynch’s label, which has given notice that it’ll be releasing more music than just Lynch’s own projects.  Tone Twister, and Hallways from Jared Hall, are a promising start.

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