Phil Freeman, Stereogum

Montreal-based trumpeter Rachel Therrien has explored some interesting ideas as a leader. Her last album, 2016’s Pensamiento: Proyecto Colombia, was recorded in Bogota with local musicians and featured rhythms and melodic structures from all over the country. On this new disc, though, she’s fronting her regular quintet that includes saxophonist Benjamin Deschamps, pianist Charles Trudel, bassist Simon Pagé, and awesomely named drummer Alain Bourgeois. It’s conventional hard bop with an occasional dash of funk, and you can definitely tell the band has been playing together for a while (Trudel, Pagé, and Bourgeois have been in Therrien’s band since her 2011 debut, On Track, and Deschamps joined on the follow-up, 2014’s Home Inspiration). Pagé is a definite MVP here, as his thick, almost electric sound gives the music real bounce; Bourgeois complements him with strutting drum work on the title track.

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