Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly

The Opener by Darren Barrett and dB-ish fuses planty of elements. Barrett os a trumpeter, keyboardist, percussionist, composer, arranger, band leader, head of his own dB Studios label and Berklee professor who has always been adventurous in his musical outings. Here, though, he’s set a new bar way high what with his use of synthesis, samples, soundscapes and trippy electronica. He wrote and arranged it all for his own three instruments plus piano, synth, bass, drums, alto sax (2), more percussion, guitar (2) and more keyboards. The result is a party of eccentric eclectic proportions. “Sometimes we play open”, he tells us, “sometimes we play structured and then sometimes we play over vamps. What I really love is there’s room for melodies and improvisation”. To that end, he’s invited guest guitarists Kurt Rosenwinkel for the title track and Nir Felder on the irresistible “To Conversate” (radio should pick up on this track). Wholeheartedly recommended.

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