All About Jazz Reviews Jorginho Neto Collective’s “Harlem”

August 18, 2017Press Reel, Reviews

James Nadal, All About Jazz American jazz musicians for years looked to the exciting rhythms and exotic melodies found in Brazilian music, to nourish the music’s evolving nature. In a reversal of roles, the Jorginho Neto Collective, a Brazilian ensemble immersed in urban fusion-funk, step out of their native boundaries to prove that they can … Read More

Dave Liebman & Joe Lovano’s “Compassion: The Music of John Coltrane” Receives 8/10 Star Review from Pop Matters

August 18, 2017Reviews

Will Layman, Pop Matters 2017 marks a half-century since we lost the brilliant musician John Coltrane. And while the notion of another Coltrane tribute recording strikes me as excess, the truth is that there will—and should—be Coltrane tributes forever. His legacy was a big (and can withstand as many reinterpretations) as any in American music. But more … Read More

Midwest Record Reviews Rick Vandivier’s “Under One Roof”

August 18, 2017Reviews

Chris Spector, Midwest Record Oh yeah, here’s a long time acoustic/jazz guitarist that knows what it is to have just the right touch. At it long enough to capture the vibe of those revered acoustic records from decades ago, this is how mellow sounds without the yucky overtones. No matter which tangent he leads you … Read More

The Jazz Writer Reviews Joris Teepe & Don Braden’s “Conversations”

August 18, 2017Reviews

Woodrow Wilkins, The Jazz Writer It took about seven years to complete, but Conversations by Joris Teepe and Don Braden (Creative Perspective Music, 2017) is worth the wait. A project that began in 2009 with the recording completed in 2016 mixes old and new, classics and originals. Personnel are Teepe, bass; Braden, tenor saxophone and flute; with … Read More

The Jazz Writer Reviews Alex Wintz “LifeCycle”

August 18, 2017Reviews

Woodrow Wilkins, The Jazz Writer Being one with the world, one with humanity is the logic behind Alex Wintz’s LifeCycle (Culture Shock Music, 2017). Personnel are Wintz, guitar; Lucas Pino, tenor saxophone; Jimmy MacBride, drums; Victor Gould, piano; Ben Williams, bass on three tracks; and Dave Baron, bass. The title songs is an energetic piece. All players … Read More

All About Jazz Reviews Chris McCarthy’s “Sonder”

August 17, 2017Press Reel, Reviews

Troy Dostert, All About Jazz You won’t find too many jazz musicians eager to cover post-punk stalwarts Deerhoof on their debut record, as keyboardist Chris McCarthy does on Sonder. But maybe McCarthy’s not too interested in being regarded as just a “jazz musician.” If anything, the cross-genre creativity on display here suggests that McCarthy is trying … Read More

Jazz Weekly Reviews Rotem Sivan’s “Antidote”

August 15, 2017Reviews

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly Tensile toned guitarist Rotem Sivan mixes trio and solo performances on this collection of originals with a team of Haggai Cohen Milo/b and Colin Stranahan/dr. He has a subtle quietude to his delivery, weaving around Stranahan’s brushes on the suave “Shar” and lyrical “Aloof.” The team gets more assertive with … Read More