Nate Chinen, WBGO

An Israeli guitarist active on the New York scene, Rotem Sivan has a pealing, silvery tone and a penchant for flowing lyricism. He has made a series of worthy albums with his trio, the fourth of which, Antidote, appears this week. It opens with a tune called “Shahar,” a buoyant proposition: bassist Haggai Cohen Milo strikes up a rubbery ostinato, which Sivan tags with chordal embroidery.

The guitar solo begins in cool restraint and lingers there a while, before gradually working up to an onrush of notes. (Colin Stranahan, who uses brushes throughout the track, does a fine job of keeping the groove strong but light.) The brisk intrigue makes for a good overture: it invites a listener to settle in for the full ride.

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