George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

While a native of Japan, vocalist Hiromi Suda is able to still create a p enchant for Brazilian sounds, forming a unique melding of genres on this sensuously samba mix. She brings together the great Romero Lubambo on guitar, teaming up with Anne Drummond/fl, Julian Shore/p-key, Haggai Cohen-Milo/b and Keita Ogawa/dr. On a few tunes, Suda uses her clear and sensitive voice to mix South America and Asia in a pop for, as on the title track and “Mizu no Utsuwa” while she goes slightly above sotto voce on an attractive “So Many Stars” and luscious “O Barquinho.” Lubambo is able to be effective on both acoustic and electric guitar, delivering rich thoughts with Drumond on “Rain Dance” while forming a rich bounce on the joyful and sleek “Triste.” The Asian dashes here and there add a rich texture to the usual groove, putting a new meaning to “Asian Fusion.”

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