by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Rachel Therrien plays trumpet and composes most of the material here for a collection of Latin passions, dances and serenades. Along with 5, count ‘em, 5 percussionists, you get Ramon Berrocal/dr, Javier Pinto/b, Carlos Peralta/g, Holman Alvarez/p, Jacobo Velez/sax, Mauro Castillo/tb and Santiago Jimenez/tres sharing in creating a mood with instruments and choral voices. You get some frantic and exciting folk percussion with the tres on “mapale” whle the jazzy guitar leads up to an exhilarating crescendo with the leader’s trumpet on “Flamenqullo.” Sensuous marimbas team with earthy guitars on the lovely “A Ver,” the folksy “La Guagua” and the deeply grooving “Ravia” while Velez’s soprano cries melancholia on “Mapale 3” and the leader serenades on the warm and embracing “Por Que Me Pegas?” Lots to love here on this sweltering Latin night of inviting sounds.

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