by Paul Medrano, Archaic Pop

Afrika! Afrika! is a beautiful piece that not only massage your brain – as jazz does – but also touch you deep inside in your heart.

The way Akua Dixon is playing is simply incredible. It is both delicate and strong, as a silent scream.

Akua apparently composed ‘Afrika! Afrika!’ during 1972 and first played it while part of the Quartette Indigo in 1973 (If you are curious, you can find a recording of 1979 on her SoundCloud)

I guess this is the reason why the track is that strong. It is a composition done with all the dreams and emotions of a young person, interpreted afresh, after 45 years, being through life.
This is great as a continent.


“[a piece that embodies] the sacred and secular sides of African-American culture.”

Akua Dixon: cello | Victor Lewis: drums | Russel Malone: guitar | Ron Carter: bass
Akua’s Dance was released in February 2017 on Akua’s Music

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