GIANNI BIANCHINI/Type 1:  Calling his debut album “Type 1” to remind him that he has to kick his diabetes’ ass rather than the other way around, the piano man’s piano trio debut tackles a host of chestnuts but he makes the all modern rather than easy listening pretty music.  Not at all creative for the sake of creativity, the young ‘un takes you and the songs to new places, all of them a treat. Well done.

HIROMI SUDA/Nagi:  The dexterous Anne Drummond is just the right cat to back up a jazz vocalist that’s bridging cultures with her Japanese/Brazilian fusion.  Kicking things off with some Jobim, it sets a Brazilian flavored set in motion that by the time Suda goes Japanese on us, it feels like just another indigenous Brazilian tangent because the jazzbos on board have set the mood just right.  A tasty diversion that’s more right down the middle than you might realize, this is most assuredly an unexpected treat.  Well done.

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