by Travis Rogers Jr, The Jazz Owl

It was an amazing year of great music from astonishing musicians. So many great horn players and pianists, and so very many great debut albums. This was an extremely difficult year to choose favorites. Once again, these are my favorites for the year. I would not presume to judge who is the “best.”

Solo: Takeshi Asai Solo – “Live in New York”
Duo: Natalie Cressman and Mike Bono – “Etchings in Amber”
Trio: Danny Green Trio – “Altered Narratives”
Quartet: Hristo Vitchev Quartet – “In Search of Wonders”
Quintet: Chembo Corniel Quintet – “Land of the Descendants”
Large Ensemble: Ed Neumeister – “Suite Ellington”
Big Band: Carrera Quinta – “Big Band”
Vocals: Jackie Gage – “Siren Songs”
Debut Album: Megumi Yonezawa – “A Result of the Colors”
Album of the Year: Ilhan Ersahin “Istanbul Underground”

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