The annual year-ending Nublu Jazz Fest strikes again!
December 1-16, 2016 
Nublu 151: 151 Avenue C, New York City
Nublu 62: 62 Avenue C, New York City

The 7th Annual Nublu Jazz Festival kicks off on December 1, 2016! As per tradition, it will be two weeks filled with performances by an array of stellar musicians, performers and bands. Despite having expanded overseas in recent years to São Paulo and Istanbul, the roots remain on NYC's Avenue C in the East Village, and this time includes includes two locations: Nublu 151 and Nublu 62 (both on Avenue C). Walking into an intimate, funky location and having your head blown off by some seriously BAD cats is an old New York tradition Nublu is proud to uphold.

This year's lineup features such luminaries as Sun Ra's Arkestra, Jose James, David Murray, Matt Parker, Hess Is More, Justin Brown's Nyeusi, Marc Cary, Maurice Brown, Ben Perowsky, Dave Harrington, Cristina Morrison, Karriem Riggins, Marcus Gilmore, Forró In The Dark and many others. The DJs will include O.BEE, the Almond Brothers, Greg Caz, Alex From Tokyo, Y-Gun, Dodo, Mickey Perez and many more. 

As usual, that's a lot of amazing music and musicianship condensed into two weeks, so join us !

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The full schedule is as follows:


  Nublu 151 Nublu 62
December 1

Midnight-Sex Mob
9pm - Jose James All-Stars
DJ Y-Gun

11pm – Sebastian Amman Quartet
9pm – Vladan V3
December 2 Midnight - Justin Brown’s Nyeusi
8pm & 10pm - Kahil El Zabar,
David Murray, Harrison Bankhead
DJ Alex From Tokyo
1am – Chris Bullock’s Glitch Quintet
11pm – Psychaudio 
9pm – Intergalactic Space Allstars
DJ David Garber
December 3 Midnight - Jason Lindner’s
Now Vs Now
10pm - Hess Is More
8pm - Matt Parker Trio
DJ O.Bee
1am – Haff
11pm – Dan Frieber, Dave Mendel + Special guest
9pm – Dan Weiss, Matt Mitchell & Special guests
DJ Cobrayama
December 4 Midnight - Seamus Blake Trio
With Aaron Johnston & Matt Clohesy
10pm - I Led 3 Lives with
Ilhan Ersahin, Juini Booth, Jochen Rueckert
8pm - Natalia Clavier
DJ Almond Brothers
11pm – Think
9pm – Red Eyed Sinatra(Bob Lanzetti, Steve Jenkins, Devin Colins)
December 5 Midnight - Marc Cary & Maurice Brown
10pm - Point Of Departure
8pm - Cristina Morrison
DJ Dodo Spins Dub
11pm – Gang Band
9pm – Gioel Severini Trio
December 6 Midnight - Shitty Shitty Jam Band with Avi Bortnick,
Jesse Murphy, Aaron Johnston
10pm - Aaron Parks Group with Greg Tuohey,
Jordan Brooks, Tommy Crane
8pm - Ben Perowsky, Tim Berne, Matt Mitchell
DJ Memos
11pm - Frege
9pm – Hair Club
December 7 Midnight - Dave Harrington & Kenny Wollesen
10pm - Harriet Tubman with
Brandon Ross, Melvin Gibbs, Jt Lewis
8pm - Ben Allison & The Easy Way
With Steve Wilson, Steve Cardenas
DJ Mickey Perez
11pm – Owen Dudley’s Up & Orange
9pm – The NY Chillharmonic
December 8 Midnight - Betty Black
10pm - Maurice Brown
8pm - Jay Rodriguez Relativity
DJ Tomas Station
11pm – Bhatia / Carter / Gilmore
9pm – Louis De Mieulle
December 9 10pm & Midnight - Sun Ra Arkestra
8pm - Stuart Bogie Trio Feat.
Adam Roberts & Miles Arntzen
DJ Dave Harrington
1am – Polys
11pm – The Breathing Effect
9pm – A Tree Grows
DJ Chris Tart
December 10 Midnight - Mark De Clive-Lowe
10pm - Marcus Gilmore’s Actions Speak
8pm - Tommaso Cappellato Aforemention
DJ Raydar Ellis
1am – Breastfist
9pm & 11pm - Dave Harrington / Sam Cohen / Joe Russo
DJ Jared Proudfoot
December 11 Midnight - Nublu Orchestra
8pm & 10pm - The Cookers
Billy Harper, Eddie Henderson,
David Weiss, Donald Harrison,
George Cables, Cecil McBee, Billy Hart
DJ Hardedge
11pm – Shin Sakaino & the Vibe Station
9pm – Nate Wood
December 13 Midnight - Helio Parallax with
Takuya Nakmura, Josh Werner, Gintas Jonisonis
8pm & 10pm - Dave Binney, Chris Potter,
Adam Rogers, Matt Mitchel, Mark Giuliana
DJ Vladimir Radojicic
December 14 11pm - Forro In The Dark
DJ Greg Caz
December 15 11pm - Oceanvs Orientalis & Ilhan Ersahin
9pm - Welf Dorr Unit
December 16 10pm - Karriem Riggins Blend
with Dj J Rocc


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