by Dick Metcalf, Improvijazznation

Lupa Santiago 4teto + Ed Neumeister – UBUNTU:  This is definitely some of the most “full-bodied” jazz I’ve listened to (yet) in 2016!  Lupa’s guitar work is magic, weaving in, ’round & through a plethora of horns, percussion and keyboards to give you a most unique experience with both high energy and talent!  Despite the fact that this is his 17th release as leader/co-leader, for some reason I hadn’t heard his work before.  His music is also going to be far, FAR different from what you might expect for a Brazilian jazz master… you will hear immediately as you listen to songs like “Daphine” that this is not (at all) like the “Brazilian jazz” you’ve become accustomed to… totally solid jazz that those who are hardcore jazzers will want to get & keep in their collections.  The one drawback was that I couldn’t find sample tracks on Amazon or CD Baby… it might be a good idea to put those up before promoting it next time (it might also be worth reading my article on “Getting Your CD Ready for Release“… up to you, of course).  Here I go digressing again… the music is deep, rich and full of life, and when you listen to my personal favorite of the seven tunes offered up, the bright & lively “Trails“, you’ll realize why I’m giving Lupa a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this fine release.  Get more information at Lupa’s website.        

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