Best of Bandcamp Jazz: September 2016

By Dave Sumner, Bandcamp Daily 

Jazz monthly illustration

Nothing in this list is straight-ahead. Of the 18 recommended September releases, not one mirrors the classic jazz sound of the 1960s, but they are part of a lineage. The deep lines of blues and bop are noticeable in these works, their motions graceful and improvised. These records follow their own creative paths, holding true to the genre’s roots.

Scott Tixier, Cosmic Adventure

Pianist Glenn Zaleski, bassist Luques Curtis, drummer Justin Brown, and Yvonnick Prene on harmonica join Tixier for a series of tunes that unfold their melodies carefully even as their rhythms move along at a brisk clip. The blending of violin and harmonica is unique, giving the group plenty of styles to choose from. Tixier’s 2012 release, Brooklyn Bazaar, showed how he can string songs together, making a cohesive set no matter how dissimilar the individual sounds might be. This one’s not as straightforward.

Top 5 Jazz Songs – September 2016

by Paul Medrano, Archaic Pop

#4 – Scott Tixier “100,000 Hours”

Knighted by Jean-Luc Ponty, here is certainly coming the future of modern jazz violin.
Further than a cosmic adventure, we discover a new galaxy, with no recognizable landmarks, light-heading us with enchantment

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