by George Harris, Jazz Weekly.

Racha Fora is the name of a quartet lead by Hiroaki Honshuku/fl-ewi, forming a core team with Mauricio Andrade/g, Rika Ikeda/v and Rafael Russi/b and along with guests Benhur Oliveira/perc and Dave Liebman/ss the whole band delivers a clever tribute to Miles Davis via taking his tunes and puree-ing them through a Brazilian blender. The results are a winning mix of sounds and rhythms that put a fresh light on the Prince of Darkness’ pen.

Peppy grooves are supplemented by flutes and Liebman’s soprano on “Milestones” while violins and flute dance on “Chicken Don.” Liebman teams up with Andrade’s nylon guitar on a gorgeous read of “Solar” while the tropics chirp on “Wood Row.” Traditional folk sounds sashay on “Circle,” and “Seven Steps to Heaven” has a wondrous bossa feel. Much of the time you don’t even care that it’s a song from Davis as the arrangements are so strong in themselves. This one’s a gas!

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