50 records to listen to before checking out that Kind Of Blue remake
by Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen

Actually, the list below might number 51 or 52. I got a bit carried away.

Smarter folks than I, including Nou Dadoun and Ethan Iverson, have blogged and Facebook-posted — in the affirmative or negative — about the recently released CD Blue, with which the always provocative band Mostly Other People Do The Killing offered its attempt at a note-for-note recreation of Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue.

I have the disc, but can’t bring myself to listen to it. I’m giving greater priority to albums listed below, among others, and I encourage you to seek these discs out. What I’ve heard from the list so far has made for some deeply enjoyable, and even provocative, listening.

Yes, Blue has stimulated worthwhile debates about conceptual art, what constitutes jazz, and more. But I feel I would be short-changing the efforts of the artists listed below, and others, if I were to expend my limited time, and this blog’s space, to adding to those debates. So much great jazz, so little time, eh?

Sorry, lovers of jazz debates. You can tell me if I’m copping out. I think I’m doing the more important work, listening to the music below and hopefully reviewing it.

Lovers of great jazz, though, consider yourself well-advised. The list, by the way, begins with some recently released Canadian jazz recordings, because, if you think some music gets overshadowed by critical darlings, Canadian jazz gets really, really overshadowed.

Marianne Trudel, La vie commence ici (Justin Time)
Trio Jérôme Beaulieu, Chercher l’équilibre (Effendi)
Brian Dickinson Trio, Fishs Eddy (Addo Records)
Rich Brown, Between Heaviness and Here (Addo Records)
Eli Bennett, Breakthrough (Addo Records)
Tara Davidson, Duets (Addo Records)
Jim Head, Zoetrope (self-released)
Andre White, Code White (self-released)
Darren Sigesmund, Strands III (self-released)
Peripheral Vision, Sheer Tyranny of the Will (self-released)
Andrew Rathbun, Numbers and Letters (Steeplechase)
Anthony Fung Quartet, Chronicles (self-released)
Melissa Stylianou, No Regrets (Anzic)
Anna Webber, Simple (Skirl)
Andy Milne and Dapp Theory, Forward In All Directions (Whirlwind)}
Jimmy Greene, Beautiful Life (Mack Avenue)
James Farm, City Folk (Nonesuch)
Omer Avital, New Song (Motema)
Wave Upon Wave, Jonathan Kreisberg (New For Now Music)
Charlie Haden & Jim Hall, Charlie Haden & Jim Hall (Impulse)
Kenny Barron & Dave Holland, The Art of Conversation (Impulse)
Tatiana Parra/Vadan Ovsepian, Lighthouse (self-released)
Jimmy Cobb, The Original Mob (Smoke Sessions)
Champian Fulton, Change Partners (Cellar Live)
The Bad Plus, Inevitable Western (Sony OKeh)
Jason Moran, All Rise (Blue Note)
Tineke Postma/Greg Osby, Sonic Halo (Challenge Records)
Jerome Sabbagh, The Turn (Sunnyside)
David Weiss, When Words Fail (Motema)
Jochen Rueckert, We Make The Rules (Whirlwind)
Randy Ingram, Sky/Lift (Sunnyside)
Brooklyn Jazz Underground, Seven By Seven (BJU)
Dayna Stephens, Peace (Sunnyside)
Guillermo Klein, Live at the Village Vanguard (Sunnyside)
Brice Winston, Child’s Play (Criss Cross)
Matt Brewer, Mythology (Criss Cross)
David Virelles, Mboko (ECM)
The Cookers, Time and Time Again (Motema)
Eric Wyatt, Borough of Kings (Posi-Tone)
Michael Blake, Tiddy Boom (Sunnyside)
Marianne Solivan, Spark (Hipnotic Records)
Marcin Wasilewski Trio with Joakim Milder, Spark of Life (ECM)
Frank Kimbrough, Quartet (Palmetto)
Steve Wilson Lewis Nash, Duologue (MCG Jazz)
Kyle Shepherd Trio, Dream State (Sheer Sound)
Rotem Sivan Trio, For Emotional Uses Only (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Kyle Brenders Quartet, Offset (Posi-Tone)
Peter Epstein Quartet, Polarities (Songlines)
Larry Goldings/Peter Bernstein/Bill Stewart, Ramshackle Serenade (Pirouet)
Brian Charette, The Good Tipper (Posi-Tone)
Baptiste Trotignon, Hit (Naive)
Branford Marsalis, In My Solitude (Sony Okeh)
Chad Eby, The Sweet Shel Suite (self-released)

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