Digital Release: March 2016
CD Release: June 2016

"Inside Turnabout"
Street Date: October 27th, 2017

"Ubuntu" is an ancient African word meaning: "I am what I am because of who we all are."

Brazilian guitarist and composer Lupa Santiago presents “Ubuntu”, his 17th album as a leader/co-leader and enlists special guest trombonist Ed Neumeister.

In the words of Lupa: Ed and I met briefly in Austria in 2012, where he lives. This was a special occasion for me because, in the history of jazz, Ed is an exceptional and renowned trombonist, arranger, and composer. After a few emails, we set up a week of shows in Brazil playing my music and his. When I received Ed's compositions, I realized how to make the project something even more interesting and bring it all up to the next level: I called Leandro, Bruno and Alex, who are excellent instrumentalists and composers, besides being great friends. Paulo Aredes, an experienced producer from the Soundfinger studio and label, willingly took on the project and contributed with his great ideas. Everything happened really quickly and the band found an instantaneous identity and sonority. It seemed like the compositions had been just waiting for the occasion and the group started to exist that very week! The music on this album is the sum of the cooperation, generosity, warmth and respect we experienced. Our souls, raw, spontaneous, honest...here for all. "Ubuntu!"


A follow-up to “Lisbon Sessions”, in partnership with Finish drummer Anders Vestergård, Inside Turnabout” features saxophonist Rodrigo Ursaia and bassist Mattias Hjorth. This esteemed and skillful quartet have come together to present a compilation of recordings which showcase modern jazz with compositions from both leaders.

Inside Turnabout” was recorded outside Malmö, Sweden in February 2017. Although Santiago and Vestergård originally intended to devote this time to touring their debut “Lisbon Sessions”, along the way, they began to collaborate and compose with Brazilian saxophonist Rodrigo Ursaia. Santiago and Ursaia are long time musical partners and upon coincidentally touring Europe at the this time, they seized the opportunity to experiment with a new group and new repertoire. Anders, upon listening to Rodrigo’s work,  found the identification of the saxophonist’s sound with his compositions and called on the great Mattias Hjorth. “Mattias has an amazing groove and deep knowledge of the contemporary jazz language and added a lot to the recipe”, said Santiago. The quartet was formed and the result is an album with fresh compositions, challenging harmonies and a myriad of grooves that mix Latin, Brazilian and hybrid rhythms  - an open invitation for the listener to dive in!


About Lupa Santiago:
A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Lupa Santiago has established himself as a mainstay on the Brazilian jazz scene for over fifteen years. Since his debut album 'Images', which was indicated for a Latin Grammy in 2002, Lupa has appeared on 17 albums as a leader or co-leader. He has performed and recorded internationally in the United States, Europe (Spain, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Ireland, France, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Switzerland), South America (Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Brazil) and South Africa with artists such as David Binney, John Escreet, Jerry Bergonzi, Bill Pierce, Jaleel Shaw, Dave Liebman, Didier Lockwood, Gary Willys, Magos Herrera, Ronan Guilfoyle, Oscar Stagnaro, Jamey Haddad, Bob Kaufman, Vincent Gardner, Ohad Talmor, Benoit Sourisse, André Charlier, Jarmo Savolainen, David Pietro and Ed Neumeister to name a few. In addition, in Brazil Lupa has worked with Roberto Menescal, Cuca Teixeira, Nelson Faria, Sizão Machado, Vinicius Dorin, Edu Ribeiro, Helio Alves, Daniel D’Alcântara, Rogério Bocato and Nenê .

Lupa Santiago is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and received his Master's degree from The Boston Conservatory. He is also a graduate of the Musicians Institute (GIT/Los Angeles, USA). Since July 2010, Lupa has sat on the board of the International Association of Schools of Jazz, founded by Dave Liebman. Presently, Lupa is the Coordinator and Vice Director of the Souza Lima Conservatory. A seasoned educator, Lupa has released two instructional DVD's: 'Modern Improvisation I and II', and three books: 'Modern Improvisation I', 'Odd Meters in Brazilian Music (Play Along)' and 'Dictionary of Chords and Voice Leading' (Advance Music/Editora Souza Lima).

Lupa plays Sandowsky Guitars.


For "Ubuntu"


"Trombone and guitar combos are not that common, so this recording was admittedly approached with some trepidation, maybe instigated by fear of the unknown. Not that familiar with the works of Santiago and Neumeister, and possibly expecting more of a Brazilian edge, it revealed itself to be not only a pleasant listening experience, but an educational one as well." Read more here 

"The music is deep, rich and full of life, and when you listen to my personal favorite of the seven tunes offered up, the bright & lively “Trails“, you’ll realize why I’m giving Lupa a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this fine release." Full review here 

Instrumental CD of the month! Five Stars. Article here. 

Fantastic review in Italian. Read here. 

"The sound is alternately free'n' breezy like chilling on a Rio beach yet complex and futuristic like jazz-samba fusion. Either way, it's a keeper!" Full review here. 

"Never losing it’s international flair no matter where it wanders, this is the perfect music to have around when it’s five o’clock somewhere in the world. Well done" Full review here 

"The music is all of a lofty, noble and graceful jazzy elegance. Melodies are wonderfully complex, harmonies – largely a tripartite affair between Santiago, Neumeister and Cabral, are tantalisingly enigmatic, and not to be outdone, Buck and Migotto contribute elusive, evanescent rhythms." Read the full review here.

Brazilian guitarist/composer Lupa Santiago brings the spotlight to trombonist Ed Neumeister on his latest album of rich and flowing originals... Sublime and alluring in its simple charms. Full review here. 


"In general, 'Ubuntu' perfectly contributes to the destruction of stereotypes and broadens the horizons of our understanding of the contemporary jazz scene... It is necessary to be sure!" More here. 

"An unusual combo guitar / trombone that go past Brazilian Jazz to something extra fresh as well as deep and attention catching." See full feature here.


For "Inside Turnabout"


"Swedish jazz with international chops and an early 70s ECM vibe running through it, this set isn't an homage or throwback, it's just a bunch of pros having a good time and wanting to spread the good vibes." Read the full feature here.

"This is an imaginative and high-energy project that celebrates the diverse and excellent talents of four astronomical musicians." Read the full feature here.