"Kelly Green Trio: Volume One"
Street Date: December 5th, 2018

A follow up to her 2017 debut Life Rearranged, which featured luminaries Christian McBride and Steve Nelson, Volume One presents the talented songstress at home with her long-standing trio consisting of Alex Tremblay (bass) and Evan Hyde (drums). The release of Volume One will be celebrated on December 5th at Mezzrow. The Kelly Green Trio will present material from this new project next week, October 23-27, at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola during the Late Night Session.

NEA Jazz Master George Coleman, with whom Kelly recently performed with says: "I had the opportunity to play with Kelly Green’s trio and I was very impressed with her and each of the individuals in her group. I can see that the Kelly Green Trio is going to be one of the most outstanding groups in New York City. This album will be quite successful and will receive high ratings!”

On Volume One, Kelly presents a collection of well known standards and one original- each reimagined in her own personal style. “All of the songs I choose to sing and record totally relate to  my own personal feelings throughout my life,” she says. Track highlights include her rendition of Jerome Kern and Johnny Mercer’s “I’m Old Fashioned” and Maybel Wayne and Kim Gannon’s “I Understand”. “Many times I feel that I am old fashioned and more conventional in a lot of personal respects, however our arrangement of "I'm Old Fashioned" is ironic because it is a very modern and unconventional way to play the song,” she says. Kelly chose to perform “I Understand” after the lyrics touched her. “I think everyone has had this feeling of hopelessly loving someone and forgiving them no matter what and this song emotes that to the utmost degree. This is one of my favorite songs to perform, the whole room always gets completely silent and still when we play it.”

Her original composition “Daily Lies” is a commentary on the state of the world and political climate while hoping for a bright future. She sings: "Tell me that you have learned your lesson now, but not unless it's the truth. I don't know why you tell those daily lies, seems like it don't bother you. Yesterday seems like a dream come true to every boy and girl. How can we safely redeem our world and save our Mother Earth?”

After stunning critics and audiences with her debut last year, Kelly is excited to share her debut trio project with the world. “This band is a fruition of a vision. As a teenager in Orlando, Florida, I knew that I wanted to be a jazz musician in New York City. I could not have imagined a better trio than the one we have cultivated with Alex and Evan. I’ve always wanted to have a working band with dedicated musicians who desire to play the music with the same language and passion as myself.” On Volume One, the simpatico between the musicians and truly palpable. Although the trio has been together for less than two years, they have already traveled throughout the United States and overseas to delight audiences with their unique, tight arrangements and cohesive sound.  

“Musicians and non-musicians alike get excited and emotional in our performances as they watch our stories unfold. We strive to bring audiences to a place outside of themselves and take them on a journey through each song.” The album was recorded ‘live’ in the studio after a month long tour to capture the most authentic sound and emotions in the moment.

With the release of Volume One, Kelly Green has established herself as one of the brightest stars on the contemporary jazz scene in New York City. Born and raised in Florida, The William Paterson University Masters Graduate has honed her skill, under the guidance of an array of accomplished mentors including, the late Mulgrew Miller, Harold Mabern, James Weidman, Cecil Bridgewater, Gary Kirkpatrick, Bill Mobley, Armen Donelian, Rich Perry, Dave Rogers, and Bill Goodwin.  Green also had the privilege of being the pianist in the William Paterson Jazz Orchestra, which was led by head of the WP Jazz Department, Dr. David Demsey.


"Life Rearranged"
Street Date: September 29th, 2017

Life Rearranged, a 13-track opus of deeply personal and inspiring compositions, finds Green in excellent company with renowned bassist Christian McBride and esteemed vibraphonist Steve Nelson. Joining is an ensemble of highly sought after musicians including Jovan Alexandre on tenor saxophone, Josh Evans on trumpet, bassists Matt Dwonszyk and Tamir Shmerling, Steve Nelson on vibraphone, Mike Troy on alto saxophone and drummers Noam Israeli and Kush Abadey. After packing the house for her first album release show at Fat Cat last month, Green will present two more performances celebrating Life Rearranged: she will be performing at The Cell on Saturday, November 18th and at Smalls on Wednesday, December 13th.

Green, who has performed with NEA Jazz Master Jimmy Heath was honored to have this stellar line-up join her on her debut release.

"This band is a fruition of a vision. As a young aspiring jazz musician in Florida, I could only have dreamed of the opportunity to play with such incredible musicians and friends. I write and arrange music specifically for these musicians to play.”

With these outstanding musicians at her side, Green is delighted to bring her music compositions to life in solo, duo, trio, quartet, quintet, and sextet formats. Life Rearranged is made up of an array of artful originals and newly arranged renditions of classic standards such as Frank Loesser’s “I’ll Know” and “Never Will I Marry” and others. Over the course of its nearly 70 minute run time, the listener is taken through every emotion on the spectrum: the highest highs, the lowest lows, and everything in between.

“Honesty is one of the key elements of my music, allowing listeners to feel that they are not alone in their emotions and that we are all together as one.”  

Born and raised in Florida, The William Paterson University Masters Graduate has honed her skill, under the guidance of an array of accomplished mentors including, Harold Mabern, James Weidman, Cecil Bridgewater, Gary Kirkpatrick, Mulgrew Miller, Bill Mobley, Armen Donelian, Rich Perry, Dave Rogers, and Bill Goodwin.  Green also had the privilege of being the pianist in the William Paterson Jazz Orchestra, which was led by head of the WP Jazz Department, Dr. David Demsey. Her skill and versatility, developed through these past experiences is transparent on Life Rearranged and during her live performances.

For Kelly Green Trio: Volume One

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For Life Rearranged

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