“London Live”
ARC Records
Street Date: September 6, 2018
Release Shows:

August 28: John Birks Gillespie Theater - B’ahai Center of New York, NYC
September 6: Release Show at Zinc Bar, NYC
September 8: Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival, Albany, NY
September 22: Release Show at Rosendale Cafe, Rosendale, NY

Featuring Erica Lindsay on tenor saxophone, Francesca Tanksley on piano and the new and exciting addition of Vienna-native Uli Langthaler on bass, The Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet recorded London Live - their second live recording - at Pizza Express Jazz Club, London on the closing night of their fourth European tour as a group in 2010. This eight track opus, which includes six originals - three by Siegel, two by Lindsay and one by Tanksley - alongside Coltrane’s “Peace on Earth” and the African American spiritual “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me”, is penned by  the stalwart drummer as a “hard hitting 60’s set”.

On November 3, 2010, having left their last destination on tour in Europe (Marktoberdorf, Germany – Bavaria), the quartet took the train to Munich, flew to London, made their way into the city, got lost, had a taxi adventure and eventually found their way to their hotel.    In an unfortunate coincidence, the city’s metro went on strike shortly after their arrival, meaning that many people who would have come to the show at Pizza Express Jazz Club couldn’t make it out of fear of not having a way home. Nevertheless, the group closed their European tour that night in London after two weeks in Germany and Austria and as it conveniently turned out, were given the opportunity to have this concert recorded and videoed.

The album opens with Erica Lindsay’s “Meet Me at the Station”, a composition on which the saxophonist reflects upon life on the road. With the inclusion of  “Peace on Earth” and “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me”, Siegel pays homage to two inspiring musicians, whom he has had the pleasure of working with. “Peace on Earth” - a John Coltrane tune - was introduced to Siegel by master saxophonist Dave Liebman, with whom the renowned drummer performed back in 2009 in The Hague, Netherlands at the IASJ. “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me”, arranged by the late, great multi-instrumentalist Arthur Rhames, whom Siegel worked with upon his entrance to New York City in the early 1980s, is performed here in a Latin style as opposed to rubato/swing, reminiscent of how Siegel performed it in the Arthur Rhames Quartet. Inspired by the tuning and drum solo of Elvin Jones from the composition “The Drum Thing” on Coltrane’s “Crescent”, “Crescent Sound” is Siegel’s original composition and ode to the legendary saxophonist. “M Song” is a ballad in honor of the drummer’s wife of 34 years, Myra, while “A New Freedom” is a moving piece written by Francesca Tanksley that, in her words “..offers a sense of freedom – a freedom of the spirit”.  “Art’s Message” is a composition, evocative of the Jazz Messengers, led by the legendary drummer Art Blakey.  Lastly, “First Movement” is the quartet’s take on Erica Lindsay’s original composition from her 1989 debut album, which first drew Siegel to her writing: “I identified so much with the style of her writing and she remains one of my favorite composers.”

On this experience as a whole, Siegel notes, “we were able to have this concert recorded and videoed and we hope you enjoy the experience of hearing a band after performing several nights on tour. The luxury of working every night together is unfortunately a rare thing these days so we were grateful for this opportunity [to record live] on our 4th European tour as a band, with the new addition of Uli”.

"King of Xhosa"
ARC Records
Street Date: January 17, 2017
Featuring South African Trumpeter Feya Faku

“Jeff’s musicality is incredible. He is so tasty as a percussionist and he has become a fine composer/arranger.” – NEA Jazz Master Jimmy Heath

On the Jeff Siegel Quartet’s third studio recording, the stalwart drummer merges his high energy, straight ahead post-bop with the deeply spiritual stylings of trumpet master Feya Faku to produce a vibrant sonic tapestry of South African infused jazz. “King of Xhosa” brings together Siegel’s longstanding quartet comprised of saxophonist Erica Lindsay, pianist Francesca Tanksley, and bassist Rich Syracuse with percussionist Fred Berryhill and trumpeter extraordinaire Feya Faku.  

Jeff Siegel and Feya Faku first came together in 2014 in Siegel’s home-turf of Woodstock, New York when Faku visited there to perform with Uhadi, his group of select South African musicians. Siegel was immediately drawn to Faku’’s sound. “From the first time I heard Feya in Woodstock, I knew that he had the perfect vibe, sound and soul to fit with my own quartet,” says Siegel. That summer, Siegel embarked on the trip of a lifetime to Cape Town and Grahamstown, South Africa, where he participated in the International Association of Schools of Jazz, and performed at the Grahamstown Jazz Festival. It was during this profound trip that the idea of a collaboration with Faku truly took hold. “Because African music is the roots of what we play as Jazz musicians, there was a feeling of being home while I was there,” he says, “…it was a blessing to meet, hear and play with wonderful musicians and experience the soul of Africa firsthand.

The title “King of Xhosa” is an homage to the South African musician as well as his people. “Feya’s lineage is of the tribe known as Xhosa – the 2nd largest ethnic group in South Africa after the Zulus.  They are known as “prophets” and have had several kings,” explains Siegel, adding that although Feya himself is not a “king” per se, he nonetheless “carries and conducts himself in a most regal manner.”

Homage is a recurring theme on “King of Xhosa” with each of the nine tracks having been composed with specific inspirations in mind. On ‘Totem,’ the album’s opening ‘call to worship’ inspired by Xhosa dancers, Faku’s resonate vocals soar. On ‘Prayer’, composer Tanksley pays tribute to the “power of merciful love”, while Faku composed ‘Courage’ with his teachers in mind. Siegel’s poignant ‘Ballad of the Innocent’ is dedicated to the victims of the Brussells bombing while Tanksley’s ‘Life on the Rock’ is dedicated to each of the musicians on “King of Xhosa”.

All in all, “King of Xhosa” is a celebration of the intersection of cultures. “I hope this music in some way reflects the deep respect I have for the great cultures of both Africa and the United States.  While we are profoundly aware of the great pain that resulted in the birth of Jazz music, born from the tragedy of slavery, we are forever blessed with the positive outcome of the joining of these cultures in music.  I pray that this recording shall add some positivity, inspiration and strength to a troubled world in whatever small way it can,” says Siegel.   


Drummer/Composer Jeff "Siege" Siegel is a veteran of the New York Jazz scene and has worked with a virtual "who's who" of artists. He came onto the New York scene in 1980-83 as a member of the quartet of the legendary multi-instrumentalist Arthur Rhames.  After six years with the group Second Sight, which featured trumpeter Dave Douglas, Siegel became a member of the Sir Roland Hanna Trio from 1994-'99. From the years 1990 – present he has co-led several touring ensembles as well as The Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet.  Simultaneously, from 2001 – 2015 Siegel was also a member of the Lee Shaw Trio with whom he also produced several cds and a dvd. Besides leading his own quartet/quintet/sextet, Jeff is a member of the Levin Brothers band and tours and records with them regularly.

In addition, Jeff has performed/and or recorded as well with an array of international artists in his travels including European artists Johannes Enders, Esa Pietila, Nils Wogrom, Jaromir Honzak, Harry Sokol, Torsten Goods, Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr, Cecile Verny , Michael Lutzeier,  Nick Smart, Kirke Karja, South African trumpeter Feya Faku, singer Tutu Puoane and The South Africa Tribute Big Band and Brazilian and Argentinian musicians such as, Filo Machado, Robenare Marques, Marcelo Jesuino, Raphael Simpaio and Ale Demogli.

Siegel's diverse career has also led him to perform and/or record with legends such as Ron Carter, Kenny Burrell, Jack DeJohnette, Pat Metheny, Benny Golson, Frank Foster, Sheila Jordan, Helen Merrill, Mose Allison, John Medeski, Stefon Harris, Kurt Elling, Ravi Coltrane, Ryan Kisor, Steve Wilson, John Medeski, Dena DeRose, Dave Liebman, Pete & Tony Levin, Steve Turre, and many others. He has worked in the avant-garde world as well with artists such as Wadada Leo Smith, Baikida Carroll and Esa Pietila. He has performed over 30 European tours including four as leader of the Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet and several others as co-leader at various festivals, concert venues and clubs. His touring has also led to performances and clinics throughout the United States, South Africa, South America, China and Canada.

As an educator, Siegel is a faculty member at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Western Connecticut State University, and The State University of New York at New Paltz. He holds a Masters Degree in Jazz from Queens College where he studied composition with Jimmy Heath.  He has been the recipient of several grants from Meet the Composer and endorses Canopus Drums, Beato Bags and Vic Firth Drum Sticks.

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