All About Jazz Reviews Trio Ciclos “Mobiles: Vol. 1”

May 2, 2017Reviews

James Nadal, All About Jazz In a novel approach to free improvisation, Trio Ciclos, draws from the kinetic art of sculptor Alexander Calder, and composer Earle Brown’s open form style of musical interpretation. Mobiles Vol. 1 , is an adventurous foray into jazz experimentation that allows the listener to float through the creative process as … Read More

Color Lines Features Brandee Younger in their “5 Jazz Artists of Color Making New Music With Healing Power” Article

April 29, 2017Features

Siddhartha Mitter, Color Lines Brandee Younger remembers the time she wished Barack Obama happy birthday on Facebook. “Six people blocked me,” the harp player says. “Two were harpists.” It wasn’t really a surprise. The harp world likes to keep politics out. Once, Younger was offering downloads of a song for Trayvon Martin at a harp … Read More

Modern Drummer Reviews The Baylor Project’s “The Journey”

April 27, 2017Reviews

Robin Tolleson, Modern Drummer A former Yellowjacket and his creative/life partner drop a funky and finely detailed collection that isn’t shy to show a little tenderness or to head down lots of creative avenues. As the album-opening “Block Party” heats up into a joyous gospel jump, Marcus Baylor romps all around the handclaps, then solos … Read More

Brandee Younger Announces May Tour Dates in NY, OH, GA

April 24, 2017Event Announcement

Brandee Younger Announces May Tour Dates In New York, Ohio, & Georgia “No harpist thus far has been more capable of combining all of the modern harp traditions—from Salzedo, through Dorothy Ashby, through Alice Coltrane—with such strength, grace and commitment.” -Ravi Coltrane (The New York Times) Genre-defying jazz harpist, Brandee Younger proudly announces her multi-city … Read More

All About Jazz Reviews Alex Wintz’s “LifeCycle”

April 22, 2017Reviews

by Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz Life cycles mark and determine how we develop, where we travel, and why we arrive and thrive in different places, figuratively and literally, at any given time. That’s the point that guitarist Alex Wintz’s music makes here, as this project takes its cues from the larger natural theme while … Read More