Matt Ulery Reviewed by Mike Greenblatt for The Classical Arts

November 3, 2016Reviews

by Mike Greenblatt, The Classical Arts Bassist Matt Ulery has taken a quantum leap from utilizing his Chicago band Loom to augmenting Loom with something he calls Large: a 27-piece big-band fit to pounce out of your speakers with daring charts and the kind of innovative progressions of sound that are totally unlike most big-bands. It’s … Read More

A Slice of Jazz Reviews Scott Tixier’s ‘Cosmic Adventure’

November 2, 2016Reviews

by Mike Sims, A Slice of Jazz (starts at about 18:00) Catrin Griffiths chooses a track for us to listen to, Jonathan Crespo presents a profile of Lionel Hampton and has his jazz knowledge tested by Rhys, Mike Sims reviews the new album from Scott Tixier and looks ahead to albums being released later this … Read More

Lupa Santiago’s ‘Ubuntu’ Reviewed by Dick Metcalf

October 31, 2016Reviews

by Dick Metcalf, Improvijazznation Lupa Santiago 4teto + Ed Neumeister – UBUNTU:  This is definitely some of the most “full-bodied” jazz I’ve listened to (yet) in 2016!  Lupa’s guitar work is magic, weaving in, ’round & through a plethora of horns, percussion and keyboards to give you a most unique experience with both high energy … Read More

An Interview with Matt Ulery on No Treble.

October 20, 2016Features

Looming Large: An Interview with Matt Ulery by Kevin Johnson, No Treble Matt Ulery has just released Festival, an ambitious album that features three distinct musical formats. Billed as Ulery’s Loom/Large, the core of the album features his regular Loom quintet bookcased by a jazz orchestra and his “festival” band. While each band brings a … Read More

Ringer of the Week: Scott Tixier’s ‘Cosmic Adventure’

October 20, 2016Reviews

by George Harris, Jazz Weekly Violinist Scott Tixier strikes an ingeniously perfect balance between complexity and simple on this collection of (mostly) originals that are both modern and timeless. He matches his warm violin with a harmonica in the hands of Yvonnick Prene, creating at times a lithe front line and other moments a clever … Read More

Matt Ulery reviewed by Grego Applegate Edwards!

October 18, 2016Reviews

by Gregory Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Music Review Matt Ulery is one of those Chicago jazz presences that I welcome with virtually everything I hear of his, going back to my Cadence days. I may miss a few, but he never fails to interest me on those things I do receive. His latest is a big … Read More