Hailey Niswanger Talks to Textura About her Latest Release with MAE.SUN, “Vol. 1: Inter-be”

November 28, 2017Features, Reviews

Ron Schepper, Textura FIVE QUESTIONS WITH HAILEY NISWANGER Saxophonist Hailey Niswanger (pronounced ‘NICE-wonger’) wasted no time getting her career started: her self-produced and self-released debut album, Confeddie, came out in 2009 during her first year in the Jazz Performance program at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. The Houston-born and now Brooklyn-based wunderkind followed that auspicious debut three years … Read More

Bird is the Worm Features Rob Schneiderman’s “Tone Twister”

November 27, 2017Features, Reviews

Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm On a modern jazz landscape where the music can come off as alien to the sound of jazz in its heyday, this pleasant straight-ahead session from pianist Rob Schneiderman will ring familiar.  It benefits greatly from the contributions of trumpeter Brian Lynch, who increasingly becomes remindful of classic Donald Byrd and … Read More

Jazz Weekly Reviews Kristina Koller’s “Perception”

November 20, 2017Features, Reviews

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly Indie-voiced Kristina Koller mixes jazz and bohemia on this clever collection of originals and standards. She teams up with Fima Chupakhim/pkey, Chris Talio/b, Joe Spinelli/dr and some guests to demonstrate her wide range of moods. She is flexible with piano and bass on a Left Bank “Simplicity” and breezes to … Read More

New York Music Daily Reviews Kelly Green’s “Life Rearranged”

November 20, 2017Features, Reviews

Alan Young, New York Music Daily The sound of a siren in passing traffic opens pianist/singer Kelly Green’s new album Life Rearranged, streaming at Spotify. In addition to a mix of standards, some striking originals with flashes of greatness pervade this urbane, classy, purist album: Green is someone to keep your eye on. The material is typically … Read More

Jazz Weekly Reviews Rick Vandivier’s “Under One Roof”

November 17, 2017Features, Reviews

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly Guitarist Rick Vandivier goes both electric and acoustic with Dan Robbins/b and Lorca Hart/dr-perc on this mix of originals and covers. On acoustic, he is intimate and flows gently on “New Man” while doing some nice interplay with Robbins on “Night Walker.” Hart delivers a hp beat for the funky … Read More