Jazz Weekly Features Jeff “Siege” Siegel’s “King of Xhosa”

March 23, 2017Features

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly Jeff “Siege” Siegel uses his drums and percussion to team up with Erica Lindsay/ts, Francesca Tanksley/p, Rich Syracuse/b, Feya Faku/fh and Fred Berryhill/pec for a collection of originals that mix African exoticism and folk sounds with vintage modal jazz. Clicking tongues and tribal percussion bookend the remaining 11 songs, which … Read More

Jazz Weekly Features Rachel Therrien’s “Pensamiento”

March 23, 2017Features

by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly Rachel Therrien plays trumpet and composes most of the material here for a collection of Latin passions, dances and serenades. Along with 5, count ‘em, 5 percussionists, you get Ramon Berrocal/dr, Javier Pinto/b, Carlos Peralta/g, Holman Alvarez/p, Jacobo Velez/sax, Mauro Castillo/tb and Santiago Jimenez/tres sharing in creating a mood … Read More

Jazz Buzz Reviews Mark Whitfield’s “Grace”

March 21, 2017Reviews

Vangelis Aragiannis, Jazz Buzz Θυμάμαι τον Mark Whitfield από το ξεκίνημά του το 1990 με το “The Marksman” κι αμέσως μετά με το πολύ καλό “Patrice”. Και τα δυο από τη Warner, σε μια εποχή που οι μεγάλες εταιρίες αναζητούσαν επισταμένως τα επόμενα αστέρια της τζαζ, ανάμεσα στους αποφοίτους του Berklee. Με την άψογη κιθαριστική … Read More

Italian Magazine Argonauta Reviews Mike Casey’s “The Sound of Surprise: Live at the Side Door”

March 16, 2017Reviews

by Roberto Binda, Argonauta Magazine Capita ormai raramente nell’universo del Jazz contemporaneo di sorprendersi e di rimanere insieme completamente spiazzati. I motivi per esserlo in questo disco di Mike Casey sono molteplici, il primo é sicuramente quello di aver recuperato l’antica e ormai purtroppo superata tradizione dei dischi registrati dal vivo in piccoli club e … Read More

Jazz FM 104 MHz Reviews Mark Whitfield’s “Grace”

March 16, 2017Reviews

by Tanya Ivanova, Jazz FM 104 MHz В началото на тази година известният китарист Марк Уитфийлд издаде новия си албум Grace – първата му студийна продукция от 7 години насам и 15-ят албум в дискографията му като лидер. Уитфийлд записва Grace заедно с двамата си синове – Дейвис и Марк, и така превръща диска в … Read More

Russian Jazz Quad Reviews Matt Holman’s “The Tenth Muse”

March 16, 2017Reviews

by Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad Это начинает казаться тенденцией. Уже второй раз в этом году я встречаюсь с альбомом, где толчком для создания музыки послужили литературные тексты, причем восходящие к седой старине. В январе это был альбом Дэйва Солджера The Eighth Hour of Amduat, основанный на древнеегипетских текстах, а сейчас трубач из Нью-Йорка Мэтт Холмэн … Read More

The Jazz Writer Reviews Scott Tixier’s “Cosmic Adventure”

March 14, 2017Reviews

by Woodrow Wilkins, The Jazz Writer It’s not often that the world of jazz welcomes a violinist. Although many have played the instrument in this genre, it still seems a rare event, relative to artists who play saxophone, trumpet, guitar, piano, drums or trombone. A few names that stand out over history are Stepane Grappelli, … Read More