OUT TODAY! Jonathan Barber Releases His Debut Album “Vision Ahead”

May 11, 2018Event Announcement, Special Announcement

  Hartford, Connecticut-native Jonathan Barber is proud to announce his arrival with the Friday, May 11th release of his highly-anticipated debut album Vision Ahead. Featuring pianist Taber Gable, guitarist Andrew Renfroe, saxophonist Godwin Louis, bassist Matt Dwonszyk, and vocalists Denise Renee and Sasha Foster (collectively and eponymously known as the album title), Vision Ahead is … Read More

NEW RELEASE: Flutist and Composer Itai Kriss Announces Release of “TELAVANA”

May 7, 2018Event Announcement, Special Announcement

Israeli flutist and composer Itai Kriss is proud to announce the Saturday, July 7th release of his highly anticipated sophomore album Telavana. Presenting the dynamic sound of his eponymously-named esteemed ensemble, Kriss bridges the musical spheres of the Middle East and the Caribbean by combining Timba, Soul, North African music and Jazz to create a … Read More

OUT TODAY! Don Braden Releases “Earth Wind and Wonder” on Creative Perspective Music!

May 4, 2018Event Announcement, Special Announcement

Creative Perspective Music is proud to release Earth Wind and Wonder, the highly anticipated new project from saxophonist Don Braden. On this exciting new project, the world-renowned saxophonist explores the wide-ranging catalogue of Earth Wind and Fire and Stevie Wonder. Braden is joined by two stellar rhythm sections that include pianists Brandon McCune and Art Hirahara, bassists Joris … Read More

Saxophonist and Composer Geof Bradfield Announces the Release of his New Album Yes, and…Music For Nine Improvisers

April 27, 2018Special Announcement

Saxophonist and Composer Geof Bradfield Announces the Release of his New Album Yes, and…Music For Nine Improvisers Due Out May 18, 2018, Delmark Records Featuring Geof Bradfield (tenor and soprano saxophone, bass clarinet), Greg Ward (alto saxophone), Anna Webber (flute, bass flute, tenor saxophone), Russ Johnson & Marquis Hill (trumpets), Joel Adams (trombone), Scott Hesse … Read More

NEW RELEASE: Guitarist Flavio Silva’s “Break Free” w/ Seamus Blake & James Francies – Due Out June 1, 2018

April 18, 2018Special Announcement

Brazilian guitarist and composer Flavio Silva is proud to announce the Friday, June 1st release of his sophomore album Break Free. Featuring a talented line-up including saxophonist Seamus Blake, bassist Alex “Apolo” Ayala, drummer Curtis Nowosad, pianist James Francies and vocalist Michael Mayo, Break Free  is a call for love, hope and justice through music. … Read More

REVIVE Music Announces the Release of Harlem-based Freelance’s Debut “Yes Today”

April 5, 2018Event Announcement, Special Announcement

The first release under REVIVE Music’s independent label division, Yes Today is a genre-defying 13 track opus that serves as a spiritual reflection on the struggles faced by people of color in modern America. Distilled from Freelance’s signature, dynamic live performances Yes Today is a lush, groove-dominant clinic in the power of seizing the moment and saying … Read More