Audiophile Audition Reviews Ed Neumeister’s “Wake Up Call”

December 30, 2017Features, Reviews

Doug Simpson, Audiophile Audition Modern, large ensemble jazz from an under appreciated composer/conductor. Don’t use the term big band jazz when it comes to arranger/conductor and trombonist Ed Neumeister. True, he utilizes many musicians on his self-released and fan-funded album, Wake Up Call. Twenty, to be exact (including Neumeister). This is modern, forward-veering large ensemble jazz … Read More

Aquarian Weekly Features Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård’s “Inside Turnabout”

December 27, 2017Features, Reviews

Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly Inside Turnabout by the Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergard Quartet on Drum Voice Records is a nine-track, two-country symposium. Brazilian guitarist Lupa and Swedish drummer Anders have each brought a friend from their home country: sax man Rodrigo Ursaia (Brazil) and bassist Mattia Hjorth (Sweden, where this was recorded). The result … Read More

Jazz Quad Reviews Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård‘s “Inside Turnabout”

December 27, 2017Features, Reviews

Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad Продолжаем с интересом наблюдать за коллаборациями бразильского гитариста Лупы Сантьяго с европейскими партнерами. В прошлом году на сайте рецезировался альбом Ubuntu, который квартет Сантьяго записал в содружестве с австрийским тромбонистом Эдом Ноймейстером. Там более подробно говорилось и о творческом пути Лупы Сантьяго, музыканта с очень солидным послужным списком, играющим пост-боповый мэйнстрим, … Read More

All About Jazz Reviews Rob Schneiderman’s “Tone Twister”

December 20, 2017Features, Reviews

Geannine Reid, All About Jazz Pianist and composer Rob Schneiderman has returned after a hiatus of over a decade, released in September on Tone Twister, we find him leading a swinging quintet. The lineup is; tenor saxophonist Ralph Moore, bassist Gerald Cannon, drummer Pete Van Nostrand, and trumpeter Brian Lynch, who produced the album. The … Read More

Musical Memoirs Blog Features Emma Frank’s “Ocean Av”

December 4, 2017Features, Reviews

Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs Blog If you are listening for a unique and whispery voice, with a resoundingly original style and the gift of composer skills, may I suggest you take a listen to Emma Frank. She has composed, co-arranged and sung all of the compositions on this production. Beginning with “Magnolia” a song … Read More