Next Bop Reviews Rotem Sivan’s “Antidote”

July 12, 2017Reviews

Anthony Dean-Harris, Next Bop Rotem Sivan is one of my favorite guitar players. He’s a nimble player and an engaging composer, and his trio including bassist haggai Cohen Milo and drummer Colin Stranahan are gelling magnificently. The featured songs with vocalist/ukulele player Gracie Terzian are sweet little treats that pop up here and there, giving … Read More

Jazz Trail Reviews Ed Neumeister’s “Wake Up Call”

July 12, 2017Reviews

Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail Ed Neumeister, a former member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra, is a versatile trombonist, composer, arranger, and conductor who debuted The NeuHat Ensemble in 1983. Since then, the reputed band has accommodated several jazz luminaries such as Joe Lovano, Kenny Werner, and Don Byron, just to name a few. Subjected to … Read More

Textura Reviews Rotem Sivan’s ‘Antidote’

July 11, 2017Reviews

by Ron Schepper, Textura It’s telling that Antidote, jazz guitarist Rotem Sivan’s fourth album as a leader and second with trio mates bassist Haggai Cohen Milo and drummer Colin Stranahan, includes Arlen-Yarburg’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love,” given how much the album’s other nine tracks seem more song-like than … Read More

Step Tempest Reviews Ed Neumeister’s “Wake Up Call”

July 6, 2017Reviews

Ricard Kamins, Step Tempest Trombonist, composer, and arranger Ed Neumeister (born in Topeka, Kansas, and raised in the San Fransisco Bay area) moved to New York City in 1980 and was soon a member of the Duke Ellington and the Mel Lewis Band (which became the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra after Lewis passed). He, also, performed … Read More

Jazz Trail Reviews Rotem Sivan’s ‘Antidote’

July 2, 2017Reviews

by Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail According to Israeli guitarist Rotem Sivan, Antidote, his fourth outing, was a product of the shock and heartbreak he felt with the ending of a 7-year relationship. Throughout this new body of work, mostly composed of original compositions, the music became a genuine vehicle for him to express inner emotions. … Read More