Brandee Younger’s ‘Wax & Wane’ Reviewed by Woodrow Wilkins

April 13, 2016Reviews

by Woodrow Wilkins   Continuing her tributes to the sounds created by icons Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane, harpist Brandee Younger makes her own mark in the jazz world withWax & Wane (2016). Younger is accompanied by Anne Drummond, concert and alto flutes; Chelsea Baratz, tenor sax; Mark Whitfield, guitar; Dezron Douglas, electric bass; and … Read More

Dave Sumner of Bird is the Worm Reviews ‘Wax & Wane’

April 9, 2016Reviews

by Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm Being a harpist on the jazz scene can’t be easy.  And though jazz, as much as any genre, takes a sincere stab at incorporating non-traditional instruments into the body of work, it’s a not a huge stretch to assume that a harpist has gotta work a bit harder … Read More

Shunzo Ohno’s ReNew Reviewed on All About Jazz!

March 28, 2016Reviews

By James Nadal, All About Jazz Though the samurai warriors of Japan have passed on to legend and folklore, their Bushido Code of Conduct continues to have an impact of Japanese society. It emphasizes eight virtues, utmost which are honor, discipline and morality. As a son of Japan, trumpeter Shunzo Ohno, has personally adhered to … Read More

Racha Fora Reviewed in Italy’s SUONO

March 28, 2016Reviews

By Daniele Camerlengo, Suono “The ability to join distant cultures and stylistic approaches, to cover their mysterious and fascinating artistic existences has, during jazz history, identified and brought to celebrity many great musicians and the restlessness of their creativity. Miles Davis has been one of the founders of this experimental methodology, which represented the split … Read More