Matt Ulery is reviewed in Step Tempest

September 19, 2016Reviews

by Richard Kamins, Step Tempest Bassist, arranger, and composer Matt Ulery, whose trio of critically acclaimed albums of Greenleaf music (issued from 2012-14) contained an often dazzling array of styles and musicians, continues that trend with his new album, “festival” (Woolgathering Records). Released on his own label, the recording is credited to Matt Ulery’s Loom / … Read More

Jazz Quad Reviews ‘Ubuntu’ from Lupa Santiago

September 15, 2016Reviews

by Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad Большинство любителей воспринимает бразильский джаз сквозь призму ритмов самбы и босановы и никак иначе. Я, грешный, тоже во многом подвержен этому стереотипу. Просто, другой бразильский джаз слушать приходиться крайне редко. Но вот альбом Ubuntu – как раз такой случай. Бразильский гитарист Лупа Сантьяго – опытнейший музыкант, достаточно сказать, что Ubuntu … Read More

Lupa Santiago is Reviewed on Midwest Record

September 15, 2016Reviews

by Chris Spector, Midwest Record The Brazilian guitarist sets his ear toward Africa and even though this date doesn’t have a sax on it, the vibe and attitude feels like something you could expect from Paul Winter (there is a trombone–but it’s really not the same). Recorded with some urgency because of the players various … Read More

Jazz da Gama Round Up: Matt Ulery, Scott Tixier and Fabrizio Sotti

September 13, 2016Reviews

by Raul da Gama, Jazz da Gama Matt Ulery’s Loom/Large: Festival Every Matt Ulery performance, live or recorded, is an event. It’s like reading JD Salinger, or watching Ingmar Bergman films, complete with their neurotic tenderness, and the delicate framing and sense of colour of Sven Nykvist. His flamboyant recording, Music Box Ballerina was a thrillingly opulent … Read More

Sivan Arbel Reviewed by Woody Wilson

September 12, 2016Reviews

by Woody Wilson, The Jazz Writer International flavor is what Sivan Arbel brings to listeners with Broken Lines (2016). The Israeli born songwriter and vocalist says the music is inspired by people and experiences she has encountered. Performing with Arbel are Shai Portugaly, piano; Nadav Shapira, bass; Yogev Gabay, drums; Ron Warburg, trumpet; Jack Sheehan, alto saxophone; … Read More

Lupa Santiago Receives Four Stars on All About Jazz

September 8, 2016Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz The Brazilian jazz scene has undergone subtle but noticeable changes, as many Brazilian musicians continue to travel, tour, and study abroad, returning with applicable innovative ideas. Expanding beyond the customary bossa and samba boundaries, the music is encompassing global influences with impressive results. Guitarist Lupa Santiago is the embodiment … Read More

Scott Tixier is in this issue of Argonauta Magazine!

September 7, 2016Reviews

by Roberto Binda, Argonauta Magazine Scott Tixier / Cosmic Adventure (Sunnyside records) CD Scott Tixier negli ultimi anni ha raccolto su di se la stima incondizionata di illustri colleghi, da Marcus Miller a Pat Metheny, fino a due icone del violino Jazz come Mark Feldman e Jean-Luc Ponty che senza mezzi termini l’hanno definito il talento … Read More

Scott Tixier Reviewed in Black Grooves

September 1, 2016Reviews

by Allie Martin, Black Grooves Cosmic Adventure marks the second album from French jazz violinist Scott Tixier.  Born in France, and trained in both classical and jazz violin, Tixier relocated to New York City in 2008 and has been busy in the jazz scene there every since.  His performance resume is quite diverse, from Stevie … Read More

Sivan Arbel Reviewed on Jazz Weekly!

August 25, 2016Reviews

by George Harris, Jazz Weekly  It’s rare these days that you find a vocalist who’s both original and enjoyable. Sivan Arbel will warm your heart on this album, as her flexible yet swinging voice takes you where you want to go and even deper. She’s teamed with Shai Portugaly/p, Nadav Shapira/b, Yogev Gabay/dr, Ron Warbug/tp, … Read More

Scott Tixier Receives Four Stars on All About Jazz

August 17, 2016Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz If there is a French connection in contemporary jazz, it might arguably be the violin. Though the instruments role was explored by American pioneering ensembles, the French players added an innovative approach to improvisation, incorporating more of the European influence. Heralded as a violin trendsetter for the current generation, … Read More