O’s Place Reviews Jorginho Neto Collective’s “Harlem”

September 15, 2017Reviews

D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Trombonist Jorginho Neto leads his Brazilian band Collective into American contemporary jazz with urban beats and lots of soul! They set the stage with “Prelúdio” marrying excerpts from Martin Luther King with “Amazing Grace”. “Mr. Dave” has a cool funky groove and “777” continues along that line with a throwback feel … Read More

Aquarian Weekly Includes Darren Barrett’s “The Opener” in Their “Rant ‘n’ Roll” Feature

September 15, 2017Features, Reviews

Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly The Opener by Darren Barrett and dB-ish fuses planty of elements. Barrett os a trumpeter, keyboardist, percussionist, composer, arranger, band leader, head of his own dB Studios label and Berklee professor who has always been adventurous in his musical outings. Here, though, he’s set a new bar way high what with … Read More

Jazz Trail Reviews Darren Barrett’s “The Opener”

September 14, 2017Reviews

Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail With his dB-ish project, Canadian trumpeter Darren Barrett excavates voguish ground by merging different styles such as post-bop and hip-hop with a nice, cool touch, and then spicing it with the addition of electronic samples and other valuable soundscapes. Barrett’s music background includes a graduation at Berklee College of Music and … Read More

Textura Reviews Darren Barrett’s “The Opener”

September 14, 2017Reviews

Ron Schepper, Textura Darren Barrett is nothing if not adventurous. Leader of the dB Quintet, Energy In Motion, dB-ish, and dB Treyo and a professor in the Ensemble Department at his Boston alma mater Berklee College of Music, the trumpeter has issued albums honouring the Bee Gees and Amy Winehouse, and performed and recorded with … Read More

Italian Based Argonauta Magazine Reviews Ed Neumeister’s “Wake Up Call”

September 10, 2017Reviews

Roberto Binda, Argonauta Magazine Abbiamo incontrato il trombonista Ed Neumeister lo scorso novembre in occasione del meraviglioso progetto “Ubuntu” condiviso con il chitarrista brasiliano Lupa Santiago. Ora lo ritroviamo con un disco estremamente ambizioso, registrato con la newyorkese NEU HAT ENSEMBLE. “Wake up Call” é un’avvincente viaggio nel fascino senza tempo delle Big Band, quelle più … Read More

Gapplegate Music Reviews Don Braden & Joris Teepe’s “Conversations”

September 7, 2017Reviews

Gregory Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Music What can still be can satisfy when it is put together just right. Conversations (Creative Perspective Music 3004) by bassist Joris Teepe and tenor-flautist Don Braden is one of those kind of sessions. It is a tenor-bass-drum lineup that accentuates forward momentum swinging in a loosely cohesive, very inter-conversational way. The emphasis … Read More

Gapplegate Music Reviews BJ Jansen’s “Common Ground”

September 7, 2017Reviews

Gregory Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Music For anyone who loves the baritone sax there is a recent album by the adept B.J. Jansen, his baritone and a most illustrious gathering of hard boppers. It is entitled Common Ground  (RoninJazz 20170501). The program consists of originals by Jansen and others, a cornucopia of contemporary bop tunes that open things … Read More