REVIEW: JazzTimes Reviews Eric Hofbauer’s “Book of Water”

August 4, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

J.D. Considine, JazzTunes As album concepts go, guitarist Eric Hofbauer’s Five Agents project is pretty solid. Taking inspiration from Wu Xing, an ancient Daoist precept that sees the world as being composed of five cyclic elements or agents, Hofbauer decided to compose and record a series of albums honoring each agent in turn. Although Chinese … Read More

FEATURE: Gerry Gibbs’ “Our People” Featured by NextBop

August 3, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

By: Sebastien Helary, NextBop On June 7th, Grammy-nominated drummer and composer Gerry Gibbs released his staggering 12th album as a leader via Whaling City Sound, a unique project entitled Our People. The album features Gibbs alongside fellow multi-instrumentalists Alex Collins, Gianluca Renzi, Mayu Saeki, and Kyeshie Gibbs, who together play a combined 40 instruments on … Read More

REVIEW: Hot House Reviews Brent Birckhead’s Debut!

July 30, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

Brent Birckhead Ginny’s Supper Club/August 23rd Stephanie Jones, Hot House In Brent Birckhead’s music, listeners find past, present and future expression. Baltimore born and raised, the alto saxophonist and multi-woodwind artist is part of a talented generation that cross-pollinates art forms – an emergent collective whose identity is at once passionately collaborative and defiantly individualistic. … Read More

NEXTBOP: Review of Ulery/Brock/Dietemyer’s “Wonderment”

July 25, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

by Anthony Dean Harris, Nextbop  Violinist Zach Brock, bassist Matt Ulery, and drummer Jon Deitemyer first started playing together in 2005 in Chicago. It was a musical companionship that made sense and held to various degrees over the years, overcoming Brock’s move to New York and how time and friendships can naturally grow and evolve. … Read More

REVIEW: Zach Brock, Matt Ulery and Jon Deitemyer’s Wonderment Reviewed by All About Jazz

July 25, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

By: Mike Jurkovic, All About Jazz A bold, enticing recording, Wonderment vividly captures all the energy and creative frisson that seems to stream endlessly from three of modern music’s leading creators, Grammy-winning violinist Zack Brock, in-demand bassist and Woolgathering Records founder Matt Ulery, and drummer Jon Deitmeyer. Having played together in Chicago’s burgeoning jazz atmosphere since 2005, Wonderment is the trio’s … Read More

REVIEW: Zach Brock, Matt Ulery, and Jon Deitemyer’s “Wonderment” Reviewed by Textura

July 25, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

By: Ron Schepper, Textura Wonderment is the debut trio album from violinist Zach Brock, double bassist Matt Ulery, and drummer Jon Deitemyer, but the performances are as locked-in as one would expect from musicians who’ve played together for almost fifteen years. Their casual monthly sessions in Chicago developed into local gigs plus a deepening musical connection … Read More

REVIEW: All About Jazz Reviews Skip Wilkins’ “Czech Wishes”

July 23, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

by Troy Dostert, All About Jazz Although he’s based in Eastern Pennsylvania, where he teaches at Lafayette College, pianist Skip Wilkins spends as much time as he can in the Czech Republic, the source of inspiration for his last two releases. Czech Dreams (New Port Line, 2013) and Czech Wishes, his current project, are not so much about crafting an … Read More