All About Jazz Reviews Dave Liebman & Joe Lovano’s “Compassion: The Music of John Coltrane”

August 3, 2017Reviews

Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz In 2007 BBC Radio commissioned saxophonist Dave Liebmanto record an all-Coltrane program to mark the 40th anniversary of legendary saxophonist/composer John Coltrane‘s passing. Asked to bring in Saxophone Summit—the band Liebman co-led with fellow saxophonists Joe Lovano and Ravi Coltrane—Liebman managed to assemble regular members Lovano, pianist Phil Markowitz, and drummer Billy Hart, along with bassist Ron McClure as … Read More

Rotem Sivan’s “Antidote” Chosen as One of Bandcamp’s July Top Picks

August 3, 2017Features, Reviews

Dave Sumner, Bandcamp The disconnect between the vivid melodic imagery on Antidote and the casual way it’s delivered is jarring. Guitarist Rotem Sivan, bassist Haggai Cohen Milo, and drummer Colin Stranahan layer nuance after nuance on these pieces. These little details—the bass arco passages on title-track “Antidote,” the ingenious reworking of “Over the Rainbow,” the contrast of … Read More

Jazz Views UK Reviews Akua Dixon’s “Akua’s Dance”

August 3, 2017Reviews

Chris Baber, JazzViews I suppose that you might look at the line-up here and immediately see a couple of veteran jazz players, or a couple of new kids on the block… without, at first, taking in the name of someone who has been a stalwart of several different scenes for the whole of her life.  … Read More

Steve Bilodeau’s “The Sun Through The Rain” Receives a 4-Star Review from All About Jazz

August 1, 2017Reviews

Geannine Reid, All About Jazz Guitarist Steve Bilodeau announces his third album to date, The Sun Though the Rain. The project is a collection of spontaneous improvisations spanning a wide range of sonic landscapes: from the tranquil and ethereal, to the chaotic and the raucous. Highlighting saxophonist Richard Garcia and drummer Dor Herskovits with Bilodeau’s guitar sonorities, the trio complements each other … Read More

The Blurt Jazz Desk Features BJ Jansen’s “Common Ground”

July 30, 2017Features, Reviews

Bill Kopp, The Blurt It’s a neat trick to make something new while conjuring the aesthetic of something old. But (a) that’s what is expected of jazz players of a certain stripe, and happily (b) that’s what baritone saxophonist B.J. Jansen has taken on as his mission. And with Common Ground, he succeeds. Joined by five … Read More

WTJU Features Darren Barrett’s “dB-ish”

July 30, 2017Features, Reviews

Dave Rogers, WTJU Composer / trumpet and keyboard player Darren Barrett has released six discs prior to this one. He is also an assistant professor at Berklee specifically working with ensembles. This disc certainly focuses on ensemble work and one’s flexibility throughout. In addition to Barrett, the main group includes Santiago Bosch (piano, keyboards), Alexander … Read More

Musical Memoirs Blog Reviews Dave Liebman & Joe Lovano’s “Compassion: The Music of John Coltrane”

July 30, 2017Reviews

Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs Dave Liebman, tenor & soprano saxophones/C flute; Joe Lovano, tenor saxophone/autochrome/alto clarinet/Scottish flute; Phil Markowitz, piano; Ron McClure, bass; Billy Hart, drums. On July 17, 1967, the great John Coltrane passed away. It is appropriate to remember and celebrate his amazing talent this month, as well as his contributions made … Read More