REVIEW: Jazz Weekly Reviews Ellen Rowe’s “Momentum: Portraits of Women in Motion”

June 13, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

George Harris, Jazz Weekly Subtitled “Portraits of Women in Music,” this album has pianist Ellen Rowe with a double x chromosome team of Tia Fuller/as, Virginia Meyhew/ts, Lissa p arrott/bs, Janelle Reichman/cl, Ingrid Jensen/tp, Melissa Gardiner/tb, Marion Hayden-Marlene Rosenberg/b and Allison Miller/dr dedicating songs to various women of culture. A deep tribute to the late … Read More

REVIEW: Glide Magazine Reviews Gerry Gibbs’ “Our People”

June 12, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

Jim Hynes, Glide Magazine This is the twelfth album from Gerry Gibbs, the multi-instrumental leader of his trio Thrasher People. Unlike anything he has ever produced before, this epic, 19-part suite pays tribute to many cultures throughout the world, thus the title Our People.  It sounds like a full orchestra when in fact it is the … Read More

REVIEW: JazzTrail Reviews Eric Hofbauer’s “Book of Water”

June 12, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

Filipe Frietas, JazzTrail Guitarist Eric Hofbauer, a mainstay of the Boston scene, assembles a supple jazz sextet where he teams up with bassist Nate McBride and drummer Curt Newton in the rhythm section, providing footing for a pretty active three-horn frontline composed of saxophonist Seth Meitch, trumpeter Jerry Sabatini and trombonist Jeb Bishop. The five-part … Read More