International Review – Jazz Quad Reviews Dan Wilkins Ensemble “Jnana-Vijnana (Awake)”

January 24, 2016Reviews

The Dan Wilkins Ensemble – Jnana-Vijnana (Awake) Уже при взгляде на обложку альбома сразу интригует его загадочное название. Это санскрит и это выражение обозначает стремление к познанию собственного внутреннего мира и осознанию мира внешнего, как некоей фазы в бесконечной цепочке инкарнаций. Разумеется, такое название альбома уже много говорит об умонастроении его создателя. Дэн Уилкинс, молодой … Read More

Brooklyn Jazz Underground Review on Brooklyn Roads

January 1, 2016Reviews

Brooklyn Jazz Underground Redefines Contemporary Jazz Sound at Prospect Range on Brooklyn Roads by Dominique M. Carson Brooklyn Jazz Underground is back at it again! The team launched their monthly musical series to highlight one of America’s original art forms: jazz. Their inaugural performance was at the Prospect Range in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Jazz Underground is an … Read More

Raul da Gama Reviews Dave Liebman Expansions: The Puzzle

December 14, 2015Reviews

Expansions The Dave Liebman Group: The Puzzle By Raul da Gama on Jazz da Gama Dave Liebman is one of the greatest relatively unsung masters of the saxophone. True, he has been honoured by the NEA and is beloved of the cognoscenti, but as saxophonists go in this generation, he appears to be less recognised … Read More

Dan Wilkins Ensemble Reviewed on Midwest Record

December 7, 2015Reviews

by Chris Spector, Midwest Record DAN WILKINS ENSEMBLE/Jnana Vijnana: This bunch of up and coming New York jazzbos takes inspiration from past jazzbos as they stop and reflect on eastern kinds of mind sets and comes forth with something more than chamber jazz. Not egghead stuff, this is easy going stuff that goes to the … Read More

Latin Jazz Net Reviews the Francesco Marcocci Quintet’s ‘Folklorico’

November 29, 2015Reviews

Francesco Marcocci Quintet: Folklorico By Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Net This volume of music affirms Francesco Marcocci’s exemplary music and double bass prowess as well as serves to further draw attention to the still underrated composer’s quirky, inventive and emotionally engaging output. Clearly he is a bassist and a composer who seeks the path … Read More

Four stars for ‘Racha S’Miles’ in All About Jazz

November 16, 2015Reviews

Racha Fora: Racha S’Miles (2015) by James Nadal, All About Jazz The music of Miles Davis certainly needs no introduction. It has been covered in a myriad of styles, by a vast quantity of artists. Racha S’Miles is an ambitious project that deconstructs Davis’s music and hurls it into a rhythmic and exotic orbit exhibiting … Read More