4.5 STARS: All About Jazz Reviews Brian Lynch’s “The Omni-American Book Club”

November 21, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz Aside from being a multi-award-winning trumpeter and composer, Brian Lynch appears to be an avid reader and social arbiter as well. His twenty-third album as leader, a two-CD set whose protracted and austere name, The Omni-American Book Club / My Journey Through Literature in Music, belies its bold and free-hearted nature, is dedicated … Read More

REVIEW: A Catchy New Album and an Uptown Show by Cutting Edge Jazz Harpist Brandee Younger by New York Music Daily

November 16, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

By delarue, New York Music Daily  Brandee Younger has already made a lot of waves as a rarity in the jazz world, a concert harpist. Even with amplification, it’s hard to hear that instrument’s pointillistic (most would probably say celestial) tones over drums, piano or blazing brass. That undoubtedly explains why, beyond Dorothy Ashby and … Read More

ALL ABOUT JAZZ: Eric Hofbauer and Dylan Jack’s “Remains of Echoes” Reviewed

November 14, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

by Troy Dostert, All About Jazz Four stars! Always attuned to unusual choices that keep his listeners guessing, guitarist Eric Hofbauer knows no bounds when it comes to his repertoire. One is as likely to hear a Cyndi Lauper or Nirvana cover as something by Thelonious Monk or Charlie Parker. And his stylistic approach on the guitar is similarly idiosyncratic, … Read More

SHOW/ALBUM REVIEW: Boston Concert Reviews Feature Ralph Peterson

November 9, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

by Nelson Brill, Boston Concert Reviews Newport 2019 reflected the same openhearted creative force that defined Fred Taylor’s indomitable spirit and love for all music. On Saturday August 3rd, the festival began with a roar, as another local Boston hero – drummer, composer and Berklee College of Music faculty member Ralph Peterson- presented his Messenger Legacy … Read More

REVIEW: Jazz Journal Reviews Ben Wolfe’s “Fatherhood”

November 8, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

by Nic Jones, Jazz Journal This programme of post-bop stands out from the crowd for a couple of reasons. Firstly the writing for strings lends the music a depth of character it might otherwise lack, and secondly the soloists have plenty to say and the depth of knowledge to say it eloquently without ever overstating … Read More

REVIEW: The Session’s “Collusion” Reviewed by Jazz Weekly

November 8, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

by George Harris, Jazz Weekly Vintage bopping sounds are served up by the team of Darrian Douglas/dr, Andrew McGowan/p, Jasen Weaver/b and Steve Lands/tp on this collection of team composed originals that sound like they came from the secret desk drawer of Horace Silver. Lands’ horn is clean on the snappy “Monk Dancing On The … Read More