INTERVIEW: Doing Jazz Podcast Interviews Itai Kriss

October 2, 2018Interviews, Radio/Podcasts

Lorens Chuno, Doing Jazz Podcast ITAI KRISS’s new album, TELAVANA, beautifully combines latin and middle eastern rhythms and melodies in the most uncontrived way possible, highlighting the excellent musicianship of all the players involved. Join Itai and Lorens as they talk the album and many other things.(Song credit: ‘Sahadi’s Serenade’, ’Shabazi’, ‘Buttered Scones and Tea’, … Read More

INTERVIEW: The Jazz Session Interviews Adi Meyerson

October 1, 2018Radio/Podcasts

Jason Crane, The Jazz Session The Jazz Session #465: Adi Meyerson Bassist Adi Meyerson grew up in Israel, discovered jazz in her late teens, got into a conservatory for upright bass a few months after picking up the instrument, and then made her way to the New School in New York. Six years after moving … Read More

INTERVIEW: WBGO’s The Checkout Interviews Emma Frank at Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

August 20, 2018Interviews, Radio/Podcasts

Simon Rentner, WBGO Today’s show unfolds in two parts. First Joe Lovano shares his appreciation of fellow tenor saxophonist Ben Webster, whom he first learning about his while growing up in Cleveland, OH. (Lovano expressed his appreciation many years later with an original blues, “Big Ben.”) Then we’ll take you to the 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival … Read More

WTJU NEW JAZZ ADDS: Geof Bradfield’s “Yes, and… Music for Nine Improvisers” & Sam Javitch’s “People and Places”

August 8, 2018Features, Radio/Podcasts

Dave Rogers, WTJU Geof Bradfield – Yes, and…Music for Nine Improvisors (Delmark): Educator/composer/sax player Geof Bradfield is based in Chicago and currently has  seven discs as a leader. He composed all of the songs on this disc. The players are Geof Bradfield (tenor, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet), Greg Ward (alto sax), Anna Webber(flute, bass flute, tenor sax), … Read More

INTERVIEW: Doing Jazz Podcast Interviews Adi Meyerson

July 19, 2018Interviews, Radio/Podcasts

Lorens Chuno, Doing Jazz Podcast On her new album, Where We Stand, bassist and composer, ADI MEYERSON presents a classic yet personal interpretation of her original compositions. Join Adi and Lorens as she talks about Nina Simone, Rice and Beans, Israel, and other unrelated but musical themes. (music credit: ‘Where We Stand’, ‘Eunice’, ‘TNT’, ‘Rice … Read More

INTERVIEW: KCRW Interviews Spanish Harlem Orchestra’s Oscar Hernández

June 25, 2018Interviews, Radio/Podcasts

Tom Schnabel, KCRW I’ve followed the career of Oscar Hernández for over 30 years, beginning with his work as pianist and arranger for Rubén Blades’s brilliant and still-timely album Buscando America (Searching for America). Fifteen years ago, the Bronx-born Hernández founded the 13-piece outfit known as the Spanish Harlem Orchestra (SHO), an incredible tropical Latin big band which has won two Grammy … Read More

INTERVIEW: Doing Jazz Podcast Interviews Jonathan Barber

June 16, 2018Interviews, Radio/Podcasts

Lorens Chuno, Doing Jazz Podcast On his debut album, Vision Ahead, Jonathan Barber delivers some very well executed original compositions. These songs have introspective origins and help shape the current path of his music group also called Vision Ahead. Join Jonathan and Lorens as he talks about Hartford, jam sessions, living in New York and … Read More

INTERVIEW: Keri Johnsrud and Kevin Bales Chat to SDPB about Celebrating the Legacy of Fred Rogers on their Latest Album

June 7, 2018Features, Radio/Podcasts

Karl Gehrke, SDPB Listen here. Although Fred Rogers died in 2003, he’s been getting plenty of attention lately. This year marks the 90th anniversary of his birth and the 50th anniversary of his long-running children’s public television program, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  A new film documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, opens at select theaters on Friday. And later this summer … Read More