REVIEW: The Vinyl District Reviews Gabriel Zucker’s “Weighting”

November 16, 2018Features, Press Reel, Reviews

Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District Pianist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, Yale grad, Rhodes scholar and sharp dresser Zucker has three prior releases on ESP Disk, but I’ll confess to just getting hip to him now. He’s responsible for a handful of projects, with this eight-part suite inspired by Rachel Kushner’s novel The Flamethrowers the latest; based on its sustained … Read More

FEATURE: WTJU Features Eden Bareket’s “Night”

November 15, 2018Features, Press Reel, Reviews

Dave Rogers, WTJU Eden Bareket Trio – Night (Fresh Sound): Eden Bareket (bari sax, bass clarinet) has made a striking impact in the New York jazz scene with his versatility and his eclectic tastes and style. His backing on this disc, his third, is provided by Or Bareket (bass) and Felix Lecaros (drums). The sound is familiar … Read More

REVIEW: 4 Star Downbeat Review for Anthony Fung’s “Flashpoint”!

November 15, 2018Features, Press Reel, Reviews

Kerilie McDowall, Downbeat LA-based drummer, composer and producer Anthony Fung, 25, is an emerging bandleader worth noting. His polished, solid drumming drives Flashpoint, Fung’s sophomore album, on eight original compositions over nine tracks amid colorful, sharp and creative arrangements. A catchy, pulsating Panamanian tambor norte rhythm with well-crafted horn melodies enhances the super-hero themed opener … Read More

TOP STORY: Bass Player Makes Dezron Douglas’ Release News their Top Story of the Day!

November 12, 2018Features, Press Reel, Special Announcement

Jon D’Auria, Bass Player Prolific bassist, composer and bandleader Dezron Douglas, who has stunned audiences with his virtuosity for nearly two decades, is proud to announce the January 11th release of Black Lion, featuring his eponymously named sextet. After releasing six albums as a leader, including his well received live recording Dezron Douglas: Live at Smalls (★★★★, Downbeat Magazine), … Read More

REVIEW: JazzTimes Reviews Scott Petito’s “Rainbow Gravity”

November 12, 2018Features, Press Reel, Reviews

Michael J. West, JazzTimes The murderer’s row of fusioneers that bassist/composer Scott Petito assembled for Rainbow Gravity is both exciting and foreboding. It implies great playing and—not unrelatedly—big, self-indulgent spotlights for the heavyweights. But while the chops are indeed fearsome, the album turns out surprisingly tight, thanks in no small part to Petito’s writing. One remarkable example: … Read More

INTERVIEW: All About Jazz Features Itai Kriss’ Recent Interview with Lorens Chuno of Doing Jazz Podcast

November 12, 2018Interviews, Press Reel, Radio/Podcasts

Lorens Chuno, Doing Jazz Podcast Itai Kriss‘s new album, Telavana, beautifully combines latin and middle eastern rhythms and melodies in the most uncontrived way possible, highlighting the excellent musicianship of all the players involved. Telavana features Itai Kriss on flute, Michael Rodriguez on trumpet, Cesar Orozco on piano, Or Bareketon bass, Marcos Lopez on percussion, Dan Aran on drums, Yosvanny Terry on shekere, and Tamer Pinarbasi on qanun. Join me … Read More